About Us

Drop your favorite tracks, create incredible mixes, incorporate cuts, scratching, stuttering and other production techniques. Visit City Audio at 2132 3rd Ave. in NYC and walk away with the equipment you need to achieve the sound you’ve been searching for.

City Audio

As everyone knows, the DJ sets the energy of the party. City Audio has the equipment you need to be the hero of the party and create the vibe everyone’s after. Our DJ gear includes equipment for beginners and professionals alike.
City Audio specializes in providing convenient and affordable DJ, media, and musical gear. Whether it’s for beat mixes, performance, recording, or mastering, City Audio has been NYC’s mainstay since 1989.

Interested in a digital set? Perhaps you lean more toward using a mixture of CDs/Vinyl alongside MP3s. Need software to operate your controller and effectively utilize your music library? Visit City Audio. Before you know it, you’ll be adding effects, assigning sounds to your trigger pads, and organizing files and playlists just like a pro. City Audio carries all the musical and DJing equipment and supplies you’ll need. Pioneer DJ, Numark, Denon, Native Instruments, Technics, Reloop, City Audio delivers sonic bliss.

The Brands You Love

“I like the store selection. Very courteous and they give you cash refunds……OUTSTANDING”

Norma Williams